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The Center for EcoTechnology (CET) helps Rhode Island businesses and institutions divert wasted food and supports the growth of the service provider’s marketplace. We hope you are as inspired by these stories as we are and will share them on your social media accounts.

View or download the full Wasted Food Solutions: Rhode Island Spotlights to Inspire PDF here.

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Diego’s Middletown:

Zero Waste Education and Donation

Facebook & Instagram  

@diegos_barrio_cantina/@DiegosBarrioCantina, a Mexican restaurant located in Middletown, RI; has implemented a variety of strategies to divert its food waste, and recycle or donate any excess food. To prevent waste, Diego’s staff cooks from scratch and repurposes vegetable scraps into new menu items. During the COVID-19 shutdown, Diego’s partnered with @newportmlk to donate surplus food. @Center.For.EcoTechnology has provided support for staff training and education on how to properly label and divert excess food for collection to become composted. @11thhourracing #ZeroWasteRISpotlight 


Diego’s Middletown has implemented a variety of strategies to donate surplus food and incorporate edible food scraps into new menu items. Throughout these efforts, they established a culture that waste has a cost that can often be avoided! @11thhourracing #ZeroWasteRISpotlight 

Inmates with compost

Midtown Oyster Bar & Surf Club:

Food Scraps Recycling and Donation

Facebook & Instagram:

@MidtownOysterBar has collaborated with @CenterForEcoTechnology to develop a plan for their food recycling initiative! Midtown Oyster Bar had initiatives in place to use excess food in menu items and donate their surplus of food and, with the new improved program, they also partnered with @CompostPlant to collect all food waste. In one year, Midtown Oyster Bar has composted 34 tons of excess food! @11thhourracing #ZeroWasteRISpotlight


Newport’s @MidtownOysterRI has a new & improved food recycling program to use surplus food in new inventive menu items & to compost all excess food. In partnership with @TheCompostPlant, they have #composted 34 tons of excess food! @11thhourracing #ZeroWasteRISpotlight 

Brown's Interior

Atlantic Capes Fisheries:

Food Recovery and Recycling 

Facebook & Instagram:

Clamshell driveways? Yes! @Center.For.EcoTechnology has partnered with @AtlanticCapes to support its sustainability goals. While the business currently diverts inedible or undesirable parts of fish to an anaerobic digester to create energy and fertilizer, they wanted to find a way to divert clamshells (in 2021 one location generated 7,000 tons!) So far, they’ve found a landscaper who can use it in driveways, but they’re still looking for more opportunities. General Manager Chris Shriver “why fill up a landfill if there is actually a good use for this?” We love to see “un-shellfish” thinking when it comes to reducing #foodwaste. @11thhourracing #ZeroWasteRISpotlight 


Clamshell driveways? Yes! @CETOnline partnered with @AtlanticCapes to support their sustainability goals, including anaerobic digestion and repurposing clamshells. We love to see “un-shellfish” thinking when it comes to reducing #foodwaste. @11thhourracing #ZeroWasteRISpotlight 

Brown's Interior

Barrington Farm School:

Food Donation and Composting

Facebook & Instagram:

@TheBarringtonFarmSchool, an educational community farm and nonprofit in RI, grows and sells its own produce with its farm “stand on-site”. This 3-acre farm composts on-site and is a drop spot for residents. They are expanding their 3 tons per month (approx) composting operation with the help of their dedicated volunteers. The school contacted @Center.For.EcoTechnology  for support with creating resources for community members, and recommendations to increase handling efficiencies when building compost piles! @11thhourracing #ZeroWasteRISpotlight 


The @btownfarmschool contacted @CETOnline for support with their composting operation. They will now be expanding this 3-tons per month operation and adding drop spots at new locations in the community to collect food scraps for composting! @11thhourracing #ZeroWasteRISpotlight 

Decorated Cake

Photo courtesy of Sin Desserts. Read more on the Zero Waste Providence blog

Rhody Restaurants Road to Zero Waste & Sin Desserts:

Food Donation and Composting

Facebook & Instagram:

@zerowasteprovidence’s 100 by 2022 initiative encourages restaurants to implement composting programs. Reducing wasted food benefits the environment, provides opportunities to feed your community, save money, and improve public health. Through the Rhody Restaurants Road to Zero Waste series, @centerforecotechnology, @cleanoceanaccess, and @zerowasteprovidence are highlighting successful prevention, donation, and composting programs and providing support to help restaurants in the face of unique challenges. Sin (@eatwicked), a bakery and coffee shop listed on ZWP’s 100 by 2022 initiative, composts back-of-house food waste with @harvestcyclecompost and spoke at the second Rhody Restaurants Road to Zero Waste event about their composting program and their donation partnership with @RescuingCuisine and @usa_ToGoodToGo. #ZeroWasteRISpotlight 


At the Rhody Restaurants Road to Zero Waste series, @CETOnline, @cleanoceanacces, & @ZeroWastePVD highlighted successful prevention, donation, & composting measures. @eatwicked spoke at the 2nd event about their impressive programs. #ZeroWasteRISpotlight