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The Center for EcoTechnology (CET) is building relationships in Ohio with stakeholders that are interested in addressing wasted food. With support from EPA Region 5, we have shared information with Ohio’s Southwest Solid Waste Management Districts and are partnering on projects to increase the capacity to address this important issue. As a component of this project, CET hosted the Wasted Food Strategies for Institutional Kitchens and Wasted Food Strategies for Food Manufacturers and Retailers virtual workshops to share tips and best practices for addressing wasted food.

To learn more about CET’s work in Ohio and to get involved, contact CET today at 888-813-8552 or e-mail wastedfood@cetonline.org.

Helpful Ohio Wasted Food Resources

  • Food Scrap Processors in Ohio
    • The Center for EcoTechnology developed this document, which delves into the landscape of food scrap recycling processors in Ohio, aiming to shed light on the initiatives, technologies, and organizations that contribute to the reduction of food waste and the promotion of a circular economy.
  • Ohio EPA Food Scraps Recovery Initiative
    • This webpage provides a list of food banks in the state, tips for composting at home, grant opportunities, and composting regulations. As an added resource, the Ohio EPA has created a Food Waste Map that identifies the location of composting programs in-state. Additional grant opportunities from the Ohio EPA are available through its Recycling and Litter Prevention Program.
  • Ohio Association of Food Banks
    • This network assists Feeding America foodbanks in Ohio to connect people in need to food and other resources and includes links to food banks, food pantries, and soup kitchens in the state.
  • Food Recovery Network- Ohio Chapters
    • With chapters located at colleges in communities around Ohio, this resource highlights the efforts of participants who are reducing food waste in campus communities.
  • Food Safety Trifold for Cleveland Department of Public Health
    • CET partnered with the Cleveland Department of Public Health to produce a handout on the best practices for food donation. As health inspectors engage with food-permitted businesses that may have foods fit for donation, this trifold can be shared to encourage food safety standards.
    • CET captured a few stories of businesses that bring wasted food prevention to life. Hear from these businesses on how they track waste, repurpose surplus, and reduce waste, ultimately leading to creative reuse and potential savings measures.

Ohio Legal/Regulatory Requirements


For more information regarding food waste estimates, source separation guidance, and how to start a food donation program, open CET’s Toolbox.


Contact CET to learn more about food recovery and waste diversion opportunities for your business, institution, customers, or association members:

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