CET provides no-cost technical assistance to help businesses and institutions reduce and recover wasted food. CET can help your organization:

  • Evaluate and quantify the existing food waste at your location and determine if your business is subject to any organic waste bans
  • Identify opportunities to reduce wasted food through source reduction, donation, and recovery programs
  • Understand existing resources for food waste recovery in your state.
  • Empower employees through education and training
  • Create customized waste bin signage
  • Conduct a cost analysis for starting or expanding a food waste diversion program
  • Connect with organics haulers, processors, and food recovery organizations.

If you are an agricultural, municipal, or private facility already engaging or interested in on-site composting, you may also be eligible for expert compost site technical assistance.

To learn more or get started, contact our hotline at (888) 813-8552 or email wastedfood@cetonline.org.

We’re here to listen, answer questions, and guide your wasted food efforts. CET helps businesses and institutions across a variety of sectors achieve success and support state and national food waste reduction goals. See the following video case studies for examples:

If you are a hauler or service provider, please visit our Service Providers page to learn more about how we can help support and grow your operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does a site visit work?
A: For businesses and institutions eligible for site visits, CET starts by learning more about your operations through an on-site meeting. This may involve a tour of the premises or conversations with key stakeholders. After the site visit, your food waste expert will conduct research on your behalf and deliver a report with customized recommendations for your organization. 

Q: How much will CET’s technical assistance cost my organization?
A: Assistance is available for businesses, institutions, and service providers at no-cost through partnerships with the Environmental Protection Agency, United States Department of Agriculture, various state agencies, municipalities, and private foundations. To learn more about our partnerships, please view Partner with Us page.

Q: Will you pick up our food waste?
A: CET does not pick up organic material. We will work with your organization to find an appropriate service provider that fits your needs.

Q: What do I need to do to get started with CET technical assistance?
A: Contact one of our wasted food experts at (888) 813-8552 or wastedfood@cetonline.org. We will ask about your organization, any estimates or information about your food waste, and your diversion goals. If applicable, we can schedule an on-site visit. 

Q: Will CET get my business in trouble for not complying with the Food Waste Ban?
A: No, CET is a private non-profit organization  and does not have any regulatory responsibility or authority. CET helps businesses and institutions comply with the ban by providing advice and resources to help you achieve your goals.

Q: What expertise does CET have?
A: We have been a leader in the wasted food reduction and diversion movement for more than 20 years, implementing some of the first wasted food composting programs in the country, and contributing to effective public policy.  We have helped thousands of businesses divert tens of thousands of tons of food waste and other recyclable materials. 

Q: Will it cost a lot of money to start a composting or other wasted food diversion program?
A: Some waste reduction activities may require a financial investment to implement, but we often see that these efforts help organizations save money over time. 

Q: Why should I implement a food waste diversion program?
A: In addition to potential financial savings, implementing a food waste diversion program can improve employee morale and job satisfaction, and respond to customer demands for sustainable practices. There are also significant environmental benefits that can help you reach sustainability goals and CET will calculate greenhouse gas emissions savings associated with your actions and can provide you with this data to use in your customer and corporate communications.

Q: We already have a program in place, why would we need help?
A: We can help take your organization to the next level and will recommend unique approaches to divert even more food waste from landfill, whether by improving the efficiency of your existing program or providing suggestions for supplementary opportunities.

Q: We have already received technical assistance from CET, can you still help us?
A: Yes! We know that your business needs and the marketplace will evolve over time. We always try to provide as much assistance as possible during our interaction and will continue to support your organization afterwards.